Tlcommerce Version 1.9

TLCommerce  , version 1.9- 19 June 2023 


Change Log

1. Redesign the cart page

2. Added item select option on the cart page

3.  Added new order, cancel an order, refund, wallet recharge, and product review email notification for admin

4. Added email notification settings in ecommerce general settings

5.  Fixed allow free shipping issue for coupon

6. Fixed currency sign issue in the product list

7. Fixed some known bugs

Update Instructions (V-1.8 To V-1.9)

Required Version: v1.8

How to update?

2.  Unzip the "" file. You will find the "v(1.9)" folder.

2.  Copy the "Controllers" folder from "updates/v(1.9)" and replace it with "Core/Http/Controllers" directory

3.  Copy the "tlecommercecore" folder from "updates/v(1.9)" and replace with "plugins/tlecommercecore" directory

4.  Copy the  "themes" folder from "updates/v(1.9)" and replace with "themes" directory

After completing the above steps, please go to "your_domain/admin/system-updater" & click the "Update" button to complete the system update.

NB: Please backup your files and database before updating your system