TLCommerce Multivendor Add-on version 1.0.1

TLCommerce Multivendor Add-on, version 1.0.1- 25 June 2023 


Change Log

1. Fixed category-wise commission rate deletion issue 

Update Instructions (V-1.0.0 To V-1.0.1)

Required Version: v1.0.0

How to update?

1.  Unzip the "" file. You will find the "v(1.0.1)" folder.

3.  Copy "multivendor" folder from "updates/v(1.0.1)" and replace with "plugins/multivendor" directory

After completing the above steps, please go to "your_domain/admin/multivendor-updater" & click the "Update Multivendor Now" button to complete the multivendor update.

NB: Please backup your files and database before updating your system